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Chris Curry, APRN|



Dr. Curry holds a doctorate in Professional Nursing and a degree in Advance Practioner Registered Nurse (APRN)


Dr. Curry is a distinguished veteran.  As a H-60 helicopter pilot during Desert Storm, he was awarded the Navy Flying Cross and Silver Star for actions during this conflict.


After his service with the Navy , Dr. Curry received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida.  During his tenure at Tampa General Trauma Center, he obtained his Masters Degree as an APRN.

Dr. Curry has also received his Doctorate of Professional Nursing (DPN).

Chris and his family are residents of Leesburg and are very involved in the community. He provides medical advice and assistance to the Leesburg High School and has also served on the board of the Lake-Sumter Boys & Girls club.   Dr. Curry & Staff voluntarily provide Annual Sports Physicals to numerous local schools such as Leesburg High, Carver & Oak Park Middle, Eustis Middle & more.  Chris is also very involved in numerous local charities throughout the Lake County area.

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